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Publication Acknowledgements

Vol. 1

We are grateful to W. Mays, J. Wilker and K. Wilson of Virginia Tech for their support in locating journal articles, and to L. Fidgen for reviewing Seed and Cone papers. We are grateful to Dr. J. Foltz for his critical comments on the reviews in the database This work was supported by grants to S. Salom from the USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Technology and Enterprise Team, the International Society of Arboriculture Research Trust, and by a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and 229 Distance Education Grant from Virginia Tech.

Vol. 2

We are grateful to Ryan Mays of Virginia Tech for support in locating journal articles for this project, and to Carrie Jubb and Kara Tourje for helping assemble the glossary. In addition, we thank Eric Day of Virginia Tech and Drs. John L. Foltz of the University of Florida and T. Evan Nebeker of Mississippi State University for their valuable comments on earlier drafts of this manuscript. We also acknowledge the authors and journals who freely granted us permission to reproduce graphs and tables from the original articles. This review was supported with funding to Scott M. Salom from the USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team (FHTET) and Region 8 agreement #05-CA-11244225-051 and a follow-up Region 8 agreement 09-DG-11083150-014. We also thank Denise Binion for editing the manuscript in preparation for printing and FHTET for providing funds for printing.